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Differentiated Advantages
Differentiated Advantages

  • We have a profound knowledge of our clients' business, and we can support them from the definition of the organisational structure to the hiring of key professionals. We are a Talent Management company with a European focus and know-how to help our clients to set up their companies and to grow, in Europe.

  • We are present in Latin America through local partners, chosen carefully and subject to the same rules that govern our activities, guaranteeing the same level of service and quality that we offer our clients.

  • We don't stop at the choice of the right person. We maximise the RoT© (Return on Talent) expected through personalised follow-up of the person hired (Counselling). We want this new professional relationship to achieve the maximum return for both parties.

  • We develop long-term relationships with our clients and, as a consequence, we have a quite restrictive off-limits policy.

  • We do not work only on the basis of prior relationships with candidates. We analyse the whole target market in each project, according to high quality standards, to provide our clients services of excellence.

After ERP and CRM, it is my pleasure to propose a ...José Caetano da Silva
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