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Our team
Our team

Our team is led by José Caetano da Silva and includes a group of senior consultants with a background in Executive Search and with extensive experience in research and assessment of candidates, as well as an experienced team of researchers.

José Caetano da Silva studied Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Coimbra, graduating in 1984, and developed his career at Accenture (Portugal and Spain). He has led Information Systems Integration, and Change and Strategy Management projects for clients in a range of different business sectors including banking, insurance, retail and distribution. He was Director of Electronic Banking for a British bank in Portugal and Head of the department of Information Systems and Organisation for a Portuguese insurance company for four years.

José Caetano da Silva has developed Executive Search projects since 1995, when he was responsible for Ray & Berndtson in Portugal, having led recruitment processes for top positions in Portugal and Spain.

In 2000, he founded, as senior partner, Talent Search in Portugal and Spain.

After ERP and CRM, it is my pleasure to propose a ...José Caetano da Silva
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