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Hold on to your job
José Caetano Silva, Managing Partner of Talent Search, also touches on this issue: "Produce.
Executives: employment wanted
The market is in a crisis. Jobs are scarce, the number of business graduates continues to increase and careers are increasingly fast-tracked, further intensifying competition.
How to choose a company specialising in executive search
Privacy. Unemployed, or not, professionals have full rights to safeguarding their position in the market.
Goodbye company, I'm leaving
“It is a national scourge”, according to José Caetano Silva, Partner at Talent Search, another company specialising in head-hunting.
The burden of being a CEO
To survive maximise return! – Not all are affected. As José Caetano da Silva, Managing Partner of Talent Search, an executive search company...
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Was it you who asked for a counter-proposal?José Caetano da Silva
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