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The importance of language ... English
..... José Caetano Silva, Managing Partner of Talent Search, prophesies: “The foolish anti-colonialist attitude should be overcome and Spanish should be taught at schools.”

Leave them in stock.
The professions of the future
....For José Caetano Silva, Partner at Talent Search, lower degree and specialised courses should be developed in technologies, for areas in which long undergraduate degrees are not necessary.
Be (REALLY!) coveted by companies
... There is no single path to success. “A career is only a consequence”, warns José Caetano Silva, Managing Partner at Talent Search, a recently created executive search company, specialising in the recruitment of top executives.
How to sell your image
... Individual marketing is a tool for survival in the market. However difficult it is to consider the possibility. In a war in which everybody uses this weapon, you cannot avoid it.
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Was it you who asked for a counter-proposal?José Caetano da Silva
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