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O Desemprego não é para todos
A dificuldade no recrutamento raramente ocorre nos cargos de chefia.
Talent Search com Angola na mira
A empresa de recrutamento de executivos Talent Search, que já opera no mercado ibérico, estuda a possibilidade de abrir uma delegação própria em Angola ainda durante este ano
Curriculum Vitae: your personal teaser
José Caetano Silva, Managing Partner responsible for Talent Search in Portugal and Spain is of the opinion that there is no clear recipe for writing a curriculum.
The right Executive in the right place
“... an executive recruitment consultancy service through the headhunting method, that is, seeking people who are in positions and have the experience that we need.”
Executive Search is growing despite the crisis
The market has, in recent years, advanced favourably, claims José Caetano Silva, ‘managing partner’ of ‘Talent Search’ in Portugal and Spain.
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After ERP and CRM, it is my pleasure to propose a ...José Caetano da Silva
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